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Chakra 8 - Cosmic Passage

Artikelnummer: rm57029

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Key words: Living in harmony with the environment, in tune with healing, bio-rhythm and biological rejuvenation. The base for a long and vital life by being one with everything around you.

Physical function
Synchronisation of meridians and in tune with the cosmic energy.

Emotional function
Taking care of living in the here and now and not in the past.

Blockage of the optimal function of the subconscious mind, causing you to live too much in the past and the future, fears that are caused by the fact that you are not in contact with cosmic energy and cosmic guidance. Having lack of time, unable to connect with cosmic energy. Too much emphasis on work and responsibilities. Life goes too fast, no time to make connections.

The right to remain in your power.

Being forced to live in another rhythm than the natural rhythm. Spending too little time in nature. Because of serious trauma there is a flee to the past and the future and not living in the here and now.

Blocked processes
Insufficient development of meditative capabilities, so that you are swept into the flow of other people’s lives (unable to stay in your own power). Everything boils down to the incapability to stay in your own power; that is why you lose yourself in work or in other people. Prefers to look at the world through pink glasses instead of facing up to reality and tuning into earth and cosmic energy.

Awareness processes
Taking responsibility for your own life and tuning into cosmic energy, tolerating cosmic energy, developing healing power and becoming aware of the natural bio-rhythm of the cosmos.

Integrate the remedy by one hand on the forehead and the other hand at the back of the skull. Keep drops in the mouth, while taking 10 deep breaths.
Hands on the heart.
Connect with the divine self.
Give order to the divine self.
Repeat short mantra regularly.

Adults: 10/15 drops, 3 x daily, optimal is 4 x daily.
Children under 12 years: half a dose.
Babies till 1 year: 2 drops, 4-6 x daily.

Order to the divine self
I, ……… (name), now order my divine self to immediately heal all karma, pain, emotions, wounds and cell memory, in the past, in the present as well as the future, so that I can absorb and pass on cosmic energy. I take full responsibility for my own life and get knowledge and clarity in the processes that are offered to me. I live in the here and now. I experience this process with ease, passion and joy. Now and always.

Supplementing affirmations
- I free myself of the future or the past and I am one with the here and now.
- I can easily feel the energy around me.
- I let cosmic energy rejuvenate and heal me.
- I accept all the lessons that I encounter.
- I feel one with the divine core in me.
- I use my own potential completely.
- I face reality.

Short mantra
I live in the here and now.

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