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MP3 Omega Healing

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Omega Healing is a new, revolutionary healing method developed by Dr. Roy Martina. It uses the full power of the mind for healing and to prevent illness.
The Omega Health Coaches trained by Roy Martina apply this method, which integrates the most effective strategies of the holistic healing method and many other techniques to achieve a greater healing synergy.
The series of 12 Omega Healing meditations has been developed by Roy Martina for prevention and to accelerate healing during illness. This is possible because while listening to the meditations, the unconscious removes blockages, and after that it reprograms the mind to be 100 % congruent with healing, health and happiness.

Medical advice:
These Omega Healing meditations are not intended to replace other treatments, but they have been created to support every type of treatment and to activate and stimulate the self-healing capacity of the body.

12 Meditations, recorded on separate tracks:
Meditation 1: The Regulator
Meditation 2: A New Identity
Meditation 3: Relaxation and The Inner Healer
Meditation 4: Programming The Immune System
Meditation 5: Biological Rejuvenation
Meditation 6: Programming the DNA
Meditation 7: Programming The Nervous System
Meditation 8: Synchronization of The Electromagnetic Fields
Meditation 9: Harmonization of The Chakras
Meditation 10: Metaphoric Healing
Meditation 11: Maintenance
Meditation 12: Anti-Cancer

Every meditation lasts approx. 45 min.

Every meditation should be heard in a period of 10-14 days 1x daily (in the above mentioned sequence).

These are MP3 recordings and not playable on every CD audio player.

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